Southland Silica Limited
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Our principal market at this juncture is for landscaping and garden scree material both in New Zealand and the eastern seaboard of Australia.  As the company grows we intend to diversify and expand into a range of construction products that utilise the pure white characteristic colour of our quartz decorative aggregate.  These products include pavers and driveway or patio veneer, white concrete blocks, bench tops, imitation granite, exposed aggregate driveways and construction panels, architectural cladding, polished concrete floors, terrazzo & flooring tiles.
Appropriately sized Waimumu Stream product can be sprayed in an epoxy resin on to the inside of swimming pools, where the reflection of the sunlight on the white pebbles gives the pool water an azure hue.
Waimumu Pearl Silica Pebbles  
Our high quality silica pebbles can be used in a variety of industrial applications.  Polished concrete floors, exposed aggregate driveways and pathways,  imitation granite and manufactured bench and counter tops,terrazzo floor tiles and swimming pools
Sand minus 4mm
The minus 4mm fraction will be an integral part of white certified concrete and also has potential for being dried and bagged for white plastering sand or a variety of other high value products such as paint fillers & filter sands.

Graded Pebbles Finished products Waimumu Pearl Graded pebbles Finished product Inside plant Gold nugget White Pearl Silica Sand Panning table Pebbles in a floor Pearl in a footpath Pebbles in a floorSouthland Silica Mine base

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